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School Groups

Luxury on High Rock Lake is a great place for small school groups and sporting teams to stay during games, conferences, and overnight field trips. 

What types of school groups rent this home?

  • Swim Teams

  • Gymnastics Teams

  • Basketball Teams

  • Football Teams

  • Soccer Teams

  • Traveling Theatre Groups

  • School Field Trips

  • School Teachers/Employee Retreats

  • Church Groups

  • Band Groups

  • Choirs

  • Special Interest Groups


For more information about housing your school or student group, email us or use the Contact Us page.

FAQ for School Groups

  1. Do you offer discounts for non-profits or schools? No, we are unable to offer any discounts for non-profits. However, we offer great payment plans and affordable accommodations for large groups of parents and kids.

  2. What payment methods and terms do you offer? We accept all credit/debit cards as well as company or school checks. The payment plans are either two payments of 50%, three payments of 33%, or 15%/42.5%/42.5% for dates that are more than 6 months away.

  3. Can parents send money directly to you for the reservation? No, we cannot collect money from multiple people for your reservation. Each booking must have one person who is responsible for the payments and who will receive the booking confirmations.

  4. Do you accept tax-exemption certificates? Most tax-exemption certificates do not apply to the rental of accommodations. Check your specific certificate details to see if that is covered and the specific rules regarding it. If so, we are happy to honor tax exemption on sales tax only. It does not apply to occupancy taxes.

  5. How many total people can this property fit? With kids groups, it varies based on the rooming arrangements and if you have a combination of parents and children. Check out our floorplans page here to see the full room/bathroom layout of the home.

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